Highlands School hosts Color Run

Highlands School hosted their annual 5K Color Run on April 14 to raise money for the freshman and sophomore classes’ prom and graduation. Event organizer and high school math teacher Gina Billingsley said the turnout was great and the event raised over $1,000 for each class. This is the third year the school has hosted this event.

“I really appreciate all these people coming out and supporting these classes, it makes me so glad,” said Billingsley.

Throughout the 5K, or 3.1-mile run, students are set up at stations to douse runners in colored corn starch. At the finish line most runners were covered head-to-toe in various colors.

Claire Worley, 10, said she had participated two times in the event before and was happy to run it again.

“I guess I’m running it for my school and stuff like that,” she said. “And I enjoy running.”

Chandler Dubose, a sophomore, said he was glad his girlfriend, Sidney Sanborn, made him participate because it was a lot of fun. Sanborn agreed.

“It was fun,” said Sidney. “I did it last year and that’s why I brought my boyfriend this year.”

Bailey Watts, a junior, said it was his first time at the event.

“I needed to start getting out a little bit,” said Watts. “This is for a good cause so I thought I might as well. I had a blast.”

After the race participants gathered in a large group, all armed with bags of colored corn starch, and proceeded to barrage everyone in a massive deluge of color.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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