New Options for Style at Home in Highlands

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Deciding how to decorate one’s home can be tricky, there are plenty of directions one can take. One solution may be to swing by J. Elliott Style at 215 N. 4th Street in Highlands. Owner Jamie Elliott McPherson recently opened his new establishment.

The new storefront offers home design services, in-home consultations, custom-ordered furniture, antiques, and vintage options. The store’s officially opened April 18 but held a grand opening on May 4.

“We wanted to do a store that offers whole home design,” said McPherson. “It’s a representation of our personal style. It’s a mountain feel with a masculine aesthetic. It’s not contemporary, but has a cleaner mountain feel.”

He added that he loves the year-round aspect of the town and decided it would be a great fit.

“It’s exciting and we’re ready for the season to get started,” he said. “But we do need to get some of the kinks figured out before the season gets rolling.”

McPherson moved from Newnan, Ga. and said setting up a new store such as this can have its hiccups.

“The challenge was editing the store and making it a good representation of my taste,” he said.

McPherson has been traveling to Highlands for years and knew he wanted to retire in Highlands, but decided to move up early.

“We just knew we loved it here,” he said. “We’ve always loved the community. Everyone is very supportive and no one creates a sense of competition.”

He added that Highlands has its own special charm.

“I like that Highlands will stay small and quaint,” said McPherson. “It’s very sophisticated in terms of people that live here and visitors.”

By Brian O’Shea

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