Kids Give Shape to their Imagination through Pottery

The Bascom in Highlands runs a week-long pottery workshop for children lead by Ceramics Teaching Resident Beth West. The kids learn basic pottery techniques and then create their masterpieces.

“We make clay more accessible to kids,” said West. “The weeklong camp gives them more time for a comprehensive understanding. It really gets them thinking about pieces from start to finish.”


Katy Cortez, 13, sculpted a bowl full of ice cream at The Bascom’s pottery workshop.

Ariel Taylor, 10, created a flying whale wearing a hat and a mermaid.

“It’s very fun because you get to create your imagination,” said Taylor. “Plus you can make gifts for people and it’s a good skill to learn.”

Caitlin Davidson, 5, sculpted a chair and a cake.

“The clay feels squishy,” said Davidson. “But unicorns can’t sit in my chair because they’re too big.”


Students were taught basic principals of pottery and then set to work to create a work of art.

Eleanor Flint, 6, made a throne with steps going up to it.

“It’s fun because it feels squishy to touch it and sometimes you can give it to people or hang it up in your room and decorate it,” said Flint.

Sydney Passarella, 5, made a rabbit with faerie fins.

“But then I had to make a fairy guesthouse because the bunny has so many faerie friends,” said Passarella.

West said she thinks the students had a good time.

“We started the day by warming up with some principals,” said West. “Then afterwards I was happy to see people went into it on their own.”

For more information about The Bascom classes and events visit their website.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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