Johnny Webb Band tears it up at Friday Night Live

The Johnny Webb Band is no stranger to town square during Friday Night Live in downtown Highlands on Sept. 14. As per the usual, the square was packed with fans listening to Webb and the band belt out the notes to classic country songs.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Webb Band tears it up at Friday Night Live

  1. Johnny Webb is really good. If I had known he was playing I would have been there. I hope your Calendar tab will soon highlight things that will be upcoming. The people of HIghlands miss out because NOBODY tells us what is up next. It would be a great service to our community if you would take on this challenge. Knowing what events that are open or available to the public would be wonderful.

    I am much more interested in a calendar that tells me what will happen in the future than what happened in the past. I wonder how many people care to see a calendar that starts off listing things that happened in July when it is now September.

    • Mr. Williams, I appreciate your feedback regarding PDN’s calendar and you’re correct, an out of date calendar helps no one. The calendar was not being updated due to an internal technical glitch that has since been resolved. Please see our updated calendar page. To add to the calendar events page please email

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