Wedding ceremony leads to new tree at Village Green

For those who frequent the Village Green in Cashiers, they may notice a new tree adjacent to the path near the playground. The tree is a Moonglow Magnolia and is the result of the wedding ceremony at Village Green where Sidney Cox and Satoko Horie were married on Sept. 15.

wedding (3)

A Moonglow Magnolia was planted at the Village Green in Cashiers, N.C. in celebration of a wedding between Sidney Cox (vest) and Satoko Horie (purple dress).

Both from San Fransisco, Cox spent his childhood in Cashiers studying plants with his grandfather.

“We planted the tree because Satoko is Japanese and you plant one to signify a significant event or milestone, and because my grandfather was a botanist from here,” said Cox. “He would really appreciate it.”

Cox added that he obtained all the proper approvals, purchased the tree and dug the hole before adding a tree to Village Green.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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