Robbinsville comes out blasting and beats Lady Highlanders 3-0

Highlands varsity girls volleyball team took on Robbinsville on Sept. 17 at home and lost 3-0. Head Coach Katy Postell said the girls played a tough game but couldn’t finish with the win.

“They played hard, they had a great offensive game but couldn’t close the door defensively,” said Postell.

Robbinsville (12)

Robbinsville had several players who were hard hitters, but Highlands players said it was their tips that really caused problems. Pictured above from left are Abby Olvera and Bailey Schmitt as they block one of Robbinsville’s strongest hitters.

A couple of the players on Robbinsville were able to hammer down some hard kills against Highlands and forced Postell to change up the strategy after the first set.

“We started double blocking and really pushed our left back to be in the right spot defensively to dig her hits,” she said. “Hannah Holt had some great digs against their big outside and middle (hitters).”

After losing the first game, tying at 21 during the second game, and then losing the third game 25-19, Postell said the girls gave it their all.

Robbinsville (20)

Jordan Carrier tips the ball over the net against Robbinsville.

“They had a few errors consequently and couldn’t break the cycle,” said Postell. “They didn’t quit playing but they just couldn’t put it away. Robbinsville started tipping and we couldn’t get to the ball as well.”

She added that even in defeat leaders stand out.

“Abby Olvera had a fantastic game both serving and hitting,” said Postell. “She played the best I have seen her play in a long time.”

Robbinsville (33)

Abby Olvera kills it down the left line against Robbinsville.

Olvera was of many players who stepped up despite the frustrating loss including aggressive play at the net by Tristan Castro, Jordan Carrier and Kedra McCall and digs and passes by Reese Schmitt, Jeslyn Head and Hannah Holt.

“I think they just exposed our weaknesses,” said Olvera. “We were getting their hits, we just couldn’t cover their tips. We need to work on coverage and transitioning from getting their hits and still being able to cover their tips.”

Robbinsville (37)

From left are Kedra McCall and Bailey Schmitt as they post up to block a Robbinsville player’s hit.


McCall recently finished rehabilitation on an ankle injury and said the intensity was much higher than the first time Highlands played Robbinsville and they couldn’t cover all of the open spots.

“We fought much harder than the first time we played them,” said McCall. “It was a totally different game this time. Last time we didn’t show up, but we did today. I was proud of how we played tonight.”

Robbinsville (44)

Jordan Carrier slams one down on Robbinsville’s side of the net.

Jordan Carrier said the team tried their best but were up against some great players.

“They’re just a really good team,” said Carrier. “We played a good game but they were hard hitters. You can only stop a good hitter to a certain extent. We handled them well but we just made a few mistakes at the end that hurt us.”

Robbinsville (1)

Kedra McCall (middle on ground) and Jordan Carrier collide while diving for the ball.

Tonight was not a conference game. Highlands varsity volleyball team has a 2-1 conference record. Highlands next plays away in Rosman on Sept. 20 with JV beginning at 5 p.m. and varsity immediately follows.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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