Game called as Blue Ridge hits 10-1 on the scoreboard versus Cherokee

With about 10 minutes left in the game, the referee called it after Blue Ridge Early College varsity soccer team scored its tenth goal making it 10-1 against Cherokee yesterday.

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Jacob Pressler would not relinquish control of the ball so easily last night against Cherokee. Blue Ridge won 10-1.

“We played well,” said Head Coach Nick Pressler. “We still have some things that need to be adjusted, but there’s a lot we can fix to get better.”

Pressler added that tonight’s staggering victory was not done by any one individual.

“Tonight was a whole team effort,” he said. “Some kids did well in the first (half) and some did well in the second (half).”

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Carter Ferrin clears the competition going for a header.

Senior Carter Ferrin said they can do better despite the 9-point buffer, but said the team is on its way to hitting its stride.

“We have the potential, but we haven’t hit the peak of our ability yet,” said Ferrin. “We can do much better.”

Ferrin added that playing in rainy conditions benefited the Bobcats in some ways.

“It was tough to control the ball with the speed, but it’s a lot better for shots,” he said. “It keeps it low and hard, harder for goalies to block.”

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Noah Pressler kicks the ball out of the penalty box against Cherokee.

Pressler’s son, Noah, didn’t think the game against Cherokee would be easy, but thought they would do well.

“We knew it wouldn’t be as hard as other games in the past,” said Noah. “But we could have played better, we just haven’t peaked.”

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Taylor Colton was not about to let a Cherokee player by uncontested.

This is a tough week for BREC because they have three conference games, the next being tonight at home against Murphy at 4 p.m. Junior Jonathan Jennings said they did a great job tonight switching the ball up against Cherokee and is confident going up against Murphy.

“I think we should be able to win,” said Jennings.

Without a practice between the game yesterday and Murphy tonight, Pressler said they were going to have to make adjustments on the fly.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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