Blue Ridge varsity volleyball puts the hammer down on Nantahala 3-0

The Lady Bobcats came out strong against an un-energized Nantahala varsity volleyball team. Blue Ridge made short work of them in the first set with a solid 25-9 victory. The second and third sets got a little choppy for the Lady Bobcats, but they ended up pulling off the win. Blue Ridge Early College Head Coach Cindy Fowler said they played well but still have room for improvement.

“They came together and played as the team that they are,” said Fowler. “At times they have a tendency of playing down to our competition, 2nd and 3rd games we lost focus.”

BR.Nantahala (60)

Hailee Moss sets up to hit it over the net at home against Nantahala on Tuesday. Blue Ridge won 3-0.

Senior Hailee Moss said things went well yesterday but there are a couple areas the Bobcats would like to work on.

“We played good yesterday,” said Moss. “We’ve been in a rut our past few games, but our hitters really stepped it up yesterday. There definitely could’ve been more communication on the court, but it was just simple mistakes that everyone makes.”

BR.Nantahala (54)

Gracie Watson slams a hit down on Nantahala’s side of the net.

Gracie Watson said played they played decently, but have a lot of areas that need work.

“We played fine, just not to our best abilities, we definitely played down to their level,” said Watson. “Our serving was pretty bad for everyone and that was a big issue the entire game.”

Charlotte Sherrill agreed with Watson, the team did some things well but need some improvement.

“I think we did really good on attacking and passing yesterday,” said Sherrill. “We could have done better on our serving.”

BR.Nantahala (33)

The Lady Bobcats celebrating winning a tough point against Nantahala on Tuesday.

The next game on BREC’s schedule is away in Highlands at 6 p.m. on Oct. 2.

“They have a strong hitting team and they’re really consistent with their hitting,” said Moss. “If we’re having an off night, they definitely could be a concern, but if we play together and hit consistently, then I don’t think we’ll have a problem. I can promise that our team is gonna bring it 100 percent to Highlands.”

BR.Nantahala (59)

Kaitlyn Stewart passes the ball against Nantahala on Tuesday.

Fowler said Highlands will be a good game to watch.

“It should be a really good game, and if the girls continue playing as a team they should be able to hold their own,” she said.

Sherrill said teamwork was key to pull out the win against Highlands.

“I think if we play our best we can pull through,” said Sherrill. “It’s definitely gonna be a tough game cause they’re are a very good attacking team as well, but if we play to our full potential we can pull through with it”

BR.Nantahala (46)

Madeline Potts digs the ball against Nantahala on Tuesday.

Watson said Blue versus Highlands are always exciting games.

“Against highlands we really need to play as a team, that’s the only way we will be able to beat them is if we work together,” said Watson. “There’s always been a rivalry between blue ridge and Highlands so the game will be intense for sure.”

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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