The Bascom unveils “A Matter of Taste”

Artists have been incorporating food and drink into their craft for centuries and The Bascom’s fall exhibit pays homage to this union with “A Matter of Taste.”

“Food is a necessary part of life and in fine art it has been transformed into so many things,” said Guest Curator Kim Schrimsher at The Bascom. “We wanted to emphasize that in the exhibit.”

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The Bascom held a public reception on Sept. 30 to display “A Matter of Taste.”

“A Matter of Taste” is possible through support from the Bel Canto Recital. Pieces from the exhibit come from seven museums over four states from 12 private collections, said Schrimsher.

The Bascom held a reception on Sept. 30 for the public to get a first look at the new works.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Pat Callihan. “It was just beautiful. To think that people have so much art within, but they are able to portray it, it was very nice.”

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One of the many works of art in “A Matter of Taste” at The Bascom that incorporates food and drink into art.

Schrimsher said she has been receiving consistent positive feedback from those who visited the gallery on Sunday.

“I’m really pleased people have thoroughly enjoyed the show,” she said. “I think they like that we were able to find both male and female artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds.”

Executive Director of The Bascom Teresa Osborn she was very thankful to The Bel Canto Recital for making this exhibit possible.

“The exhibit is just extraordinary,” said Osborn. “People can’t believe we provide exhibits like this here at The Bascom. It would hold up in any major museum. It speaks to The Bascom’s reputation for the exhibits we do.”

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Staff at The Bascom said the feedback from Sunday’s reception for “A Matter of Taste” was exceptional.

Schrimsher said the entire show was put together in four months, which is fast by museum standards.

“I am so happy at what we were able to accomplish in that timeframe,” said Schrimsher.

“A Matter of Taste” is on display until the end of the year.

The Bascom is located at 323 Franklin Road in Highlands, N.C. For more information call 828-526-4949.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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