Empty Bowls helps fill Food Pantry of Highlands

Hundreds filed into the First Presbyterian Church in Highlands on October 7 to feast on soups donated by local restaurants out of bowls that were hand-made by potters and wood carvers. All proceeds of the event go towards supporting the Food Pantry of Highlands. There were a slew of other events going on the same day but event chairperson Jane Jerry said it could not have gone better.

Approximately 35 volunteers, which does not include artists and local soup donors, spent their time on Oct. 7 at the First Presbyterian Church in Highlands performing a number of activities to keep Empty Bowls 2018 running smoothly.

“It was awesome, especially since there were a number of events going on today” said Jerry.

Jerry added that the event would not be possible without all of the artists and volunteers who dedicated their time and resources to raise money for the Food Pantry.

“Their talented, heart-felt, ‘perspirational,’ magnificent, and ageless efforts are extremely and deeply appreciated,” said Jerry.

Food Pantry Executive Director Marty Rosenfield said he has been holding this event for a number of years, and that 2018 is the best year yet.

Executive Director of the Food Pantry of Highlands Marty Rosenfield kept a watchful eye over the soups being served at Empty Bowls 2018.


“It was a most successful event, probably the best we ever had,” said Rosenfield. “The soups were fantastic. People couldn’t choose favorites because they were all so good.”

He added that Jerry is correct, this is not possible without the team of dedicated volunteers, artists and donors who helped out.

“They did a fantastic job,” said Rosenfield. “Unbelievable, if I could hire them and pay them I would.”

Gwyn Brady of Roswell, Ga. said hunger is a problem for a lot of families in the area.

“I’m here because it’s a good cause and it’s important,” said Brady. “A lot of people have food insecurity and we need to help them out.”

Bowls are still available for purchase at the First Presbyterian Church located at 471 Main Street in Highlands, N.C. The cost is $25 a bowl and proceeds go towards supporting the Food Pantry of Highlands.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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