Highlands United Methodist Church Youth Group takes time for creativity

The Youth Group at the Highlands United Methodist Church took some time off from Mission work to relax and use their creativity. The Group went to Easely An Artist just off of Main Street in Highlands last week to spend an evening crafting their own masterpiece.

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“We try and do a mix of fun things,” said HUMC Director of Children and Youth Ministries Christine Murphy. “The kids helped plan this and it’s a fun way to spend an evening.”

Murphy added that the Group spends their time helping the community here at home in North Carolina and Georgia, as well as Florida and abroad.

“We want to give them a foundation of faith but do it in a fun way,” said Murphy. “We try and get them out helping in the community. That’s the focus of the group, to give back.”

Madison Jolly, 14, opted to paint a moth in her work.

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Haley Small dries the background of her canvas with the help of Taylor Rickert.

“I feel like it’s a very important species and they’re going to go extinct. I feel in 10 years people may forget about them and say ‘hey, what do moths look like.’ When I see nature I see natural beauty, that’s what I see when I look at a moth.”

Taylor Rickert, 15, chose to put her brush to painting a moon with the silhouette of two birds looking like a mustache on the moon’s face.

“I’m really excited, I helped plan this,” said Rickert. “I paint at home but it’s so much easier to do it here. I like the moon because it’s cute and it matches my room.”

Olivia Cole, 12, said being part of the Group is an opportunity to help others and have a good time.

“When I heard about this I was so excited,” said Cole. “I love when you get to go out and do stuff, it’s so much fun.”

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On left is Christine Murphy painting a mermaid while Jeanie Edwards helps a student in thew background.

Margaret Cole, 10, ended up painting a bear, she was going to choose owls but heard that may be a little too challenging.

“I just like animals,” said Margaret. “I was going to do owls, but they said it was really hard, so I did a bear. I like this though; painting is a lot of fun.”

Owner of Easely An Artist, Jeanie Edwards, said based on her experience teaching these classes kids and adults enjoy kicking back and using the creative side of their brain.

“Art is a great teacher because there’s no right or wrong way,” said Edwards. “As long as it involves emotion it’s done its job.”

Easely An Artist is located at 114 N. 4th Street, Highlands, N.C. Call 828-526-2933.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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