Letter to the Editor: Empty Bowls organizers say thank you

Letter to the Editor:

This letter comes filled with thanks to the enormous number of people who pitched together to make the 2018 Empty Bowls Benefit for the Highlands Food Pantry such a success. As we reflect on the day we can’t help but think of the 126 people whose fingers and toes must have ached from their physical contributions.!

With huge appreciation we think of the fingers of the 40 potters who threw clay to make over 350 bowls and 10 wood turners who turned timber to create 15 Silent Auction bowls — that’s easily 500 fingers.  11 chefs and bakers chopped, stirred, kneaded and frosted to create delicious soups and desserts. At least 46 volunteers stood on their feet for a cumulative total of 108 hours ladling soup, serving, setting and resetting places, pouring beverages, hefting packed garbage bags and directing foot traffic. Just imagine those 460 aching toes. And we think of and thank the 19 Committee Members and individuals who volunteered from June to October to do the multitude of additional jobs needed to organize this event.

We are especially grateful the First Presbyterian Church of Highlands, and to the Dave Drake Potters and the Western Carolina Wood Turners at The Bascom Visual Arts Center for their continuing support of the Empty Bowls Benefit.

The need to alleviate hunger is year round – and we hope our community will continue to help.  Some bowls are still available for sale in Coleman Hall at the Presbyterian Church. Stop by any time from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday or Sunday mornings if you’re in the market for a hand-made holiday gift!  And, don’t forget that fall is a good time to pack up your canned goods and bring them to the Food Pantry.  It is located at the United Methodist Church of Highlands and is open every Monday 3:30-5:30 p.m. Call the International Friendship Center at 828-526-0890 or the Pantry 828-421-1789 for more information or if you’d like to make a contribution.

So. It took approximately 2,520 fingers and toes to present Empty Bowls. Our Highlands community is remarkable because there are armies of people who happily volunteer their time to this and other projects throughout the year. We salute them all!

With grateful thanks,

Jane Jerry, 2018 Empty Bowls Chair

Marty Rosenfield, Director, Highlands Food Pantry

Dick Grier, President, International Friendship Center

Andrea Smith, Director, International Friendship Center

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