Highlands Middle School girls basketball team lose to Rosman but never give up

Highlands Middle School girls basketball team faced a tough battle at home against Rosman with a final score of 59-6 on Nov. 1.

“We need to work on playing better as a team and getting back on defense,” said Highlands Head Coach Seth Wilson. “Those are our two biggest obstacles.”

Highlands.MS.basketball.Rosman (11)

Highlands Emily Briggs stays focused on taking the shot despite the distraction on Nov. 1 when Highlands lost to Rosman at home.

Highlands roster has nine players; four have never played, one is injured, and the other four have some experience.

“We see a lot of improvement every day, so we look forward to having nine experienced players by the end of the season,” said Wilson.

Rosman Head Coach Jennifer McCall said her team stayed focused and positive throughout the game.

“Their teamwork was the best I’ve seen in terms of not being selfish,” said McCall. “They passed at the right time and to the right people.”

Highlands.MS.basketball.Rosman (30)

Rosman Reagan Chapman drives the ball down court against Highlands.

Rosman 8th-grader Reagan Chapman went on a scoring spree in the third quarter with steals followed by layups racking up about 10 unanswered points.

Despite the significant gap on the scoreboard, Highlands players held their heads high and said they are looking forward to the future.

“We did good, but we could have passed better,” said 6th-grader Hendy Rios.

Highlands.MS.basketball.Rosman (34)

Highlands Ashlynn Wilson makes the most of a fast-break against Rosman on Thursday.

8th-grader Ashlynn Wilson said they needed to calm down and play smart basketball.

“We need to move the ball forward, we need more hustle, and we need more fast breaks,” said Wilson. “Rebounds also killed us. We worked on them a lot in practice, but they (Rosman) got a bunch and it was a big thing in this game.”

Highlands.MS.basketball.Rosman (17)

Highlands Emily Briggs catches a pass and drives to the hoop against Rosman.

8th-grader Emily Briggs said their mistakes can all be corrected through hard work.

“We definitely hung our heads a lot,” said Briggs. “We weren’t boxing out or getting rebounds like we should have been, and they were making it happen.”

She added that the team is ready to hit the gym and work hard in practice.

“We’re going to take practice more seriously, and we’re going to hustle more.” said Briggs.

Highlands.MS.basketball.Rosman (4)

Highlands Aislynn Luck maintains possession of the ball against Rosman.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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