ABC Store distributes funds throughout the community

Pictured above from left are Highlands Police Officer Kevin Breedlove, Kevin Vinson-ABC Store General Manager, Town of Highlands Mayor Pat Taylor, Rec Director Lester Norris, ABC board member Andy Chmar, Ann Koenig, board member Leslie Cook, and president of the board Rick Trevathan. Photo by Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper

ABC Board:

Kevin Vinson-General Manager

Leslie Cook-Board Chairman

Rick Trevathan-Board Secretary

Andy Chmar-Board Member

Ryan Bears-Board Member (not present)

Dave O’Harra-Board Member (not present)

Lester Norris for the Highlands Parks and Recreation Dept.

Officer Kevin Breedlove for the Highlands Police Department

Mayor Patrick Taylor for the Highlands General Fund, Highlands School Scholarship Fund

Ann Koenig for The Counseling and Psychotherapy of Highlands (alcohol education and rehab required disbursement). Call if you need more info about this one.

Funds allotted:

Town of Highlands General Fund-$32,411.12

Highlands School Scholarship Fund-$15,022.13

Highlands Recreation Dept.-$16,452.81

Highlands Police Dept.-$4,630.81

Counseling and Psychotherapy of Highlands-$6483.14


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