Rabun Gap Fall 2018 season award winners honored

Congratulations to Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School’s fall athletes and participants in the fall musical “Pirates of Penzance” who were awarded Wednesday, November 14, during the Fall Season Convocation. Award winners from Highlands included:

Technical Theatre Award: Leah Grace Craig ’19

Boys Cross Country
Most Valuable Player – Matt Campbell ’20

Soccer – Varsity
All-Conference – Timmy Bronaugh ’21

Fall Awardwinners-0729

Awards were given to exceptional students who participated in Rabun Gap’s fall musical. Pictured from left: Daniel Dobromirov ’19 of Nova Sad, Serbia, Leah Grace Craig ’19 of Highlands, NC, Jay Reece ’19 of Atlanta, GA, and Simon Park ’20 of Raleigh, NC.

Fall Awardwinners-0720

Several members of the Rabun Gap Varsity soccer team received awards. Pictured from left: Max Geppert ’19 of Frankfurt, Germany, Andre Silva ’19  of São Paulo, Brazil, Timmy Bronaugh ’21 of Highlands, NC, Vishal Sharma ’19 of Delhi, India, Hazel Ley ’20 of Monterrey, Mexico and Jacobo Saenz ’21 of Garza Garcia, Mexico.

Fall Awardwinners-0708

Awards were given to exceptional members of the Rabun Gap cross country team. Pictured from left: Matt Campbell ’20 of Highlands, NC, Gai Kumamoto ’20 of Kamakura, Japan, Eduards Strautmanis ’19 of Franklin, NC, Hebe Delgado ’19 of Brussels, Belgium, Edie Hall ’22 of Long Creek, SC, and Lili Kester ’20 of Frankfurt, Germany.

Pictured at the top of article are the winners of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School’s fall season athletic and arts awards for 2018. Photos courtesy of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School


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