Blue Ridge Middle School girls basketball team beats Fairview

It was a hard-fought game for the Blue Ridge Middle School girls basketball team and they pulled off a win with a final score of 38-21 at home against Fairview on Monday.

“I thought they did wonderful,” said Assistant Coach Robin O’Berry. “They did everything they were asked to do, they’re incredible.” (30)

Even though the final was 38-21 it was a hard-earned win for Blue Ridge on Monday against Fairview.

O’Berry added that the girls have worked hard over the past several weeks preparing for the season and they’re improving every day.

“We don’t teach them anything fancy, just basic basketball skills,” she said. “Plus, they just love to play and have a great time.” (16)

Mercedes McLaughlin goes for the steal against a Fairview player on Monday.

8th-grader Macy Heltsley said she thinks they played well, and it was a challenge to beat Fairview.

“They’re a difficult team to beat,” said Heltsley. “So, to actually win against them is amazing.”

She added that next time they play they are going to keep cooler heads out on the court.

“We definitely aren’t going to yell at each other and help each other out more when we’re in trouble,” said Heltsley. (15)

Mahala Stewart blocks a Fairview player’s shot at home on Monday.

6th-grader Aubree Rice was happy with how they played.

“I think we did really good and we had great teamwork,” said Rice. “They’re a skilled team and the more you play against a team like that the better you get.”

6th-grader Maxine Rice said they had good defense but need to work on their passing. With Blue Ridge starting the season off with a 2-0 record, Rice said things are looking pretty good moving forward.

“It really feels good to be winning since we’re working so hard,” said Maxine.

Blue Ridge next plays in Highlands at 4 p.m. on Nov. 26. (25)

While substitutes await to be put into the game, they do what they can from the sidelines to support the team.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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