Highlands School holds pep rally for Homecoming 2018

Highlands School gym was doused with blue and gold on Friday in celebration of Homecoming games against Franklin later that evening followed by the dance on Saturday.


Highlands School Homecoming Court 2018

Excitement was at a frenzied level as students cheered on their classmates in a game where students are pushed across the gym floor, hop onto another student’s shoulders, and shoot a basketball through the hoop, and then make their way back to the start as fast as possible.

Highlands.pep.rally (16)

After being wheeled down the gym floor at high rates of speed, students must then focus their attention on sinking a basket.

Highlands Middle and High School cheerleading teams both performed and helped psych up the crowd for the fabled Spirit Stick. The challenge is simple, grades are grouped together and when it’s their turn to cheer, the loudest group wins.

Highlands.pep.rally (22)

Highlands High School cheerleaders performed multiple formations in front of an excited crowd on Friday.

Commonly held by the senior class, this year was a flashback of last year as grades 3-5 won the coveted stick, again. After multiple attempts, the seniors were aided by banging garbage cans, air horns, and bull horns, but they were no match for the enthusiasm of the younger classes.

Highlands.pep.rally (39)

Grades 3-5 celebrate a hard-earned victory after winning the Spirit Stick.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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