Highlands JV boys basketball team loses Homecoming game to Franklin

The score was consistently within 10-points, but the Highlands junior varsity boys basketball team couldn’t get over the hurdle and take the win at Friday’s Homecoming game against Franklin. Highlands lost 53-44.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.JV (18)

Highlands Jeffrey Olvera fakes left and breaks right at Friday’s Homecoming game against Franklin.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.JV (12)

Highlands Connor Briggs prevents a red ball by making the save before it’s out of bounds.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.JV (7)

Highlands Reid Carrier muscles his way through to the hoop. Carrier is also pictured at the top of the article making a diving save.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.JV (2)

Highlands Griffin Green takes a shot against Franklin. It may look like a jumble of arms, but at the moment of this photo it’s still a clean play. However, a Franklin player did catch his arm before Green released and a foul was called.

Pictured below is Highlands Ethan Tate who just snagged the rebound at the Franklin end of things, drove down the court supported by Green and Olvera who both clearly saw Tate was on a nonstop flight. Sure enough, Tate took it straight to the hole for 2 points.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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