Highlands School Winter Concert draws a packed house

The old gym at Highlands School was packed with eager parents ready to watch their children at this year’s Winter Concert on Dec. 6. Grades K-8 have been taking music classes twice a week all semester and this is a chance for them to showcase their vocal skills, said Highlands School Principal Brian Jetter.

Grades K-8 performed at Highlands School’s Winter Concert 

“They learn music each week, they practice all these songs to sing, they did a great job, and it was a packed house,” said Jetter. “Families just love it. Our Spring Concert will be packed as well.”

It was Highlands School Vice Principal Sarah Holbrooks’ first Winter Concert and said she was touched at the support of community.

“The concert was really special,” said Holbrooks. “It shows how this school operates and what a family this community is. There were people here without kids in the show who came out to watch it. The turnout speaks volumes showing this community’s support.”

Photos by Emma Weller and Marilyn Valerio
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