Newly constructed wall at Highlands Playhouse holds up against weather

Replacing the old cross-tie wall at Highlands Playhouse caused some minor inconveniences during construction but is holding strong against bouts of steady rain and Winter Storm Diego.

“Fantastic job,” said Playhouse Managing Director Lance Matzke. “MJM Poured Wall Co. did the work and everything is perfect. The stone work that went in was hand chiseled and set. I was very impressed.”

Pictured below are the two sides of the new wall and a look at the entire project.

The previous wall was badly deteriorating and has been on the town’s list of capital improvement projects for several years, said Town Engineer Lamar Nix. Construction began in September and was finished in November and carried a price tag of approx. $100,000.

There were minor disruptions during showtimes throughout the wall’s construction, but Matzke said the work crews were very considerate and he is grateful the town replaced the wall.

“The previous wall was made of cross ties that had seen better days; literally crumbling in places,” he said. “The new wall is much more attractive, safer, and the stairs that went in (which are an emergency exit) are wider and have built in lighting.”

The Playhouse has started its Golden Globe and Academy Awards Series and Matzke said they will try from now until the Oscars to screen as many nominated films as possible.

Pictured below is the wall under construction.

Showtimes for Vice at the Highlands Playhouse are pictured below.

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