Blue Ridge boys JV basketball team loses close game to Hiwassee Dam

Blue Ridge boys junior varsity basketball team trailed Hiwassee Dam for most of the game last Friday at home but could not seal the deal and lost 35-32.

Fans and players on both sides disputed the majority of referees’ calls throughout the game.

Blue Ridge next plays Swain County in Bryson City at 5 p.m. on Jan. 22.

Blue Ridge Jacob Pressler takes an elbow to chest a second before this photo was taken and looks to the referee for the call, there was no call. Fans felt this was a common theme throughout the game. Blue Ridge lost to Hiwassee Dam 35-32 on Friday at home.

Blue Ridge Carsen Williams wrestles for the ball against Hiwassee Dam. Williams made his presence known at both ends of the court on Friday working the boards and setting up opportunities on offense.

Blue Ridge Kaleb Fugate drives it to the hole from outside the 3-point line for 2 points.

Blue Ridge Collin Bryson backs off his plan to take it to the hoop and looks for other options.

Blue Ridge Kaleb Fugate asking for clarification on a call from a referee.

The outside is a feint, Blue Ridge Korbin Walters fakes right but drives it on the inside for the bucket. Editor’s Note: I followed the feint, that’s why there’s no photo of Walters shooting.

From left are Blue Ridge Carsen Druffel and Carsen Williams ensuring Blue Ridge gets the rebound against Hiwassee Dam on Friday.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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