Blue Ridge boys varsity basketball team loses Homecoming game to Nantahala

Blue Ridge boys varsity basketball team lost to Nantahala on Friday at their Homecoming game with a final score of 56-37.

However, the day was not without it’s highlights, at half-time Fisher Druffel and Selena McCoy were named Blue Ridge Early College Homecoming King and Queen and the court was also presented.

Blue Ridge Fisher Druffel and Selena McCoy were named Homecoming King and Queen at the boys varsity basketball home game against Nantahala. Blue Ridge lost 56-37.

From left are freshman representatives Carsen Druffel and Gracie Watts, junior representatives Colton Taylor and Kaitlyn Stewart, senior representatives Carter Ferrin and Devon Heenan, Homecoming Queen Selena McCoy and King Fisher Druffel, senior representatives Levi Taylor and Hailee Moss, Noah Pressler and Mystery Knope, and sophomore representatives Jacob Pressler and Charlotte Sherill.

Things also picked up when Blue Ridge Levi Taylor dunked the ball late in the game. This was not one of Taylor’s usual powerhouse dunks. The Bobcats were down by about 20 points, there was no showboating, a dunk presented itself to Taylor and he took the opportunity.

Blue Ridge next plays in Highlands at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 1.

Blue Ridge Levi Taylor dunks the ball against Nantahala at Blue Ridge’s Homecoming game on Friday.

Blue Ridge Carter Ferrin launches to put two points on the board against Nantahala on Friday.

Blue Ridge Colton Taylor brings the ball up the court through Nantahala’s full press defense.

Blue Ridge Fisher Druffel does not get shut out when going to the basket against Nantahala on Friday.

Blue Ridge Noah Pressler is surrounded by Nantahala players and is forced to dish it off.

Blue Ridge Jacob Pressler scans Nantahala’s defense before calling a play.

Blue Ridge Mason Baumgarner stays on his mark against Nantahala on Friday.

What you can’t really see in this photo is Blue Ridge Jaydon Parris (face behind ball) diving to pick off a Nantahala pass.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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