Blue Ridge students vs teachers in volleyball grudge match to support prom

Blue Ridge Early College students and teachers laced up their sneakers for a knock-down drag out tournament on the volleyball court in an effort to raise money for prom on Friday.

“I think it’s great when teachers and students come together and have fun to support a good activity,” said BREC Principal Brent Speckhardt. “The most important thing is the initiative these students have shown putting this together.”

It’s all fun and games teachers vs students to raise money for prom, but the BREC teachers brought the thunder and came ready to ball..

The idea was the brainchild of the junior class and all money from ticket sales goes towards BREC’s prom.

“I wanted to help out my school and maybe get some free food while doing it,” said junior Christopher Tucker who manned the concession stand during the epic match between teachers and students.

Toiling over a steaming batch of popcorn behind the concessions counter, junior Erick Harper wasn’t playing on the court but wanted to contribute any way he could.

“I just wanted to help out as much as I could,” said Harper. “It’s actually pretty easy back here, but it can get a little sticky sometimes.”

Devon Heenan digs the spike from the teachers on Friday during the student versus teacher volleyball games to support BREC’s prom.

Junior Savannah Cohea said they needed all hands-on deck because prom matters a little more this year.

“I wanted to help out and raise money for prom because I’m going and I want it to be amazing,” said Cohea.

English Teacher Kristy McCall said it’s great to see students taking an active role in the preparation for prom.

“It’s awesome for us to come out and cheer for everyone, there are no losers tonight,” she said. “And in my opinion, the teachers are going to win.”

Volunteer Coach Griffin Taylor takes no prisoners on Friday against Devon Heenan on the volleyball court. Pictured above, Griffin is called for a net infraction.

McCall’s prediction did not come to fruition, after a tourney was played between multiple teams made up of students and teachers, it came down to the final. BREC teachers versus several students including athletes who actually play organized volleyball and several varsity basketball players.

The attitude and vibe on the court was to have a good time and raise money for a good cause. However, the competition was real out at the net. Agriculture Teacher Nick Pressler faced off against his sons Noah and Jacob. BREC Volunteer Coach Griffin Taylor knew brothers Levi and Colton Taylor and volleyball players Kaitlyn Stewart, Devon Heenan, Charlotte Sherrill, and Hailee Moss were going to be bringing the heat and it was go-time.

Agriculture Teacher and Coach Nick Pressler digs a spike by Gracie Watson.

And the teachers were ready for the challenge with Griffin going toe-to-toe at the net with Levi on several occasions, both winning and losing some exchanges. Nick was a machine on the court, digging, passing, and setting to any number of offensive weapons in the teachers’ arsenal at their disposal.

But it was not meant to be, between the organized play of the Lady Bobcat volleyball players and the athleticism of the basketball players, the students walked away with the W and bragging rights.

To donate towards BREC’s prom, contact Speckhardt at 828-743-2646.

Spirits were up on the student side of things before the games on Friday as the biggest problem Levi Taylor seemed to have was wearing an awkwardly fitting Lady Bobcat volleyball jersey.

All around BREC athlete kaitlyn Stewart bumps the ball against the teachers on Friday at Blue Ridge.

BREC teachers stayed with the students until the final game in a best of three tournament to raise money for prom.

Kaitlyn Stewart gently guides Colton Taylor to his appropriate position on the court against the teachers on Friday.

The crowd cheers in support of the line judge’s call, Charlotte Sherrill (on right) is not so convinced.

Things sometimes got a little chaotic on the teachers’ side, but they held it together and had fun.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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