The Bascom selected by the DeVos Institute for strategic planning initiative

The Bascom is pleased to announce its selection, through a nationwide competitive application process, to work with the DeVos Institute in its Strategic Planning and Research Initiative. The DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland, a global leader in training and consultation for cultural organizations, has chosen five arts organizations in rural communities across the United States to receive strategic planning services free of charge. The DeVos Institute has served more than 1,000 organizations from over 80 countries since its founding by Michael M. Kaiser during his tenure as President of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

The DeVos Institute created this initiative recognizing that the conditions experienced by arts organizations in rural communities differ substantially from those faced by their counterparts in urban centers.  Each of the five selected arts organizations, including The Bascom, will participate in a rigorous planning process over the next eight months. The goal of the process, led by the DeVos Institute, is to produce a practical five-year roadmap focusing on long-term artistic and educational programming; marketing and communication; community and volunteer engagement; cross-sector collaboration; fundraising; and board engagement.

“We are grateful that The Bascom was chosen to participate in this initiative and thank the DeVos Institute,” said Mike Campbell, Chairman of The Bascom Board of Directors and Teresa Osborn, Executive Director of The Bascom.  “Our pick reflects well on the staff, our patrons and supporters, and most importantly, the communities we serve. We are now at an inflection point where we can focus on long-term strategy development and look forward to the important work that will take place over the next eight months.  We view this opportunity as a game changer for The Bascom.”

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