Summit Charter School chorus wows art enthusiasts at The Bascom

The Summit Charter School chorus delighted the crowd while visitors viewed masterpieces created by students now on display at The Bascom until May 24.

Summit Charter School’s chorus performed in front of art fans at The Bascom on April 30.

Summit Fine Arts Teacher Gretchen Kapity she loves seeing what the students create, prompting an idea they run with it.

Artwork created by students at Summit Charter School is on display at The Bascom until May 24.

“It is a great resource for our students to experience art media we don’t also get to at school and to see amazing works of art in person,” said Kapity. “I think mutually, our goal is to help kids develop a love of art and techniques to express their creativity and thoughts.”

Young artists painted portraits of visitors throughout the evening.

Throughout the night student artists drew portraits of their peers, teachers, and parents. Kapity said the pieces on display are the best artworks from each grade and said there are a variety of projects on display from throughout the school year.

“I love to see what my students create,” she said. “Often times I give them a prompt or idea and they run with it, creating something far better than I ever imagined.”

It was a packed house last month at The Bascom.

The partnership with The Bascom has been ongoing for years and Kapity said it’s a great experience for the students.

“We have been working with the Bascom for at least as long as I have been at summit,” she said. “They have hosted student artwork, and done great field trips and staff development for summit; all free of charge. They have also helped us with art programs at the school as well.”

The performance was lead by Maestro and History Teacher Jesse Lloyd.

Summit’s chorus was lead by Maestro and History Teacher Jesse Lloyd. Students earned exuberant applause from a packed gallery for performances spanning multiple floors.

Kapity said this year is one of their best shows.

“We have had several student art shows at the Bascom in the past, none as great as this though. A special thank you to Billy (Love) and Teresa (Osborn) from the Bascom and to Billy Leonard for coming up with the idea. We are looking forward to continuing to do it in the future.”

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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