Highlands School recognizes Honor Roll recipients at 2018-19 Academic Reception

Highlands School recognized those students who went above and beyond making the Honor Roll at the First Presbyterian Church earlier this month.

It was a gorgeous day in Highlands as students and their families gathered at the First Presbyterian Church to recognize those who made the Honor Roll for the 2018-19 school year.

Some of the Junior Marshals (most of them…) from this year’s 2018-19 Honor Roll celebration.

Former Highlands School student Lacey Tucker was the guest speaker at the Honor Roll celebration at the First Presbyterian Church.

Ransom Edwards accepts his Honor Roll certificate and skips down the isle like a boss.

Pablo Jimenez poised as usual after receiving his Honor Roll certificate.

Kedra McCall takes a spill after receiving her award and unbelievably managed to catch herself in the nick of time. Editor’s Note: Proper approval was received before posting this photo. Ked took one look at it and said it must be included in the article.

Pictured above is Kedra McCall accepting her certificate with grace and class.

Jeslyn Head rocking the reverse-photo bomb at the Honor Roll celebration in Highlands.

Trevor Reese takes it upon himself to thank Guest Speaker Lacey Tucker for taking the time to share her story.

Highlands School Valedictorian Jesus Alexis Damian Clemente after receiving his certificate.

2018-19 Honor Roll Recipients

Bailey Schmitt 11, A/B; Marilyn Valerio 11, A/B; Emma Weller 11, A/B; Toby Barnes 12, A; Jesus Damian Clemente 12, A; Hannah Holt 12, A; Joshua Kennedy 12, A; Katie McCall 12, A; Katy Munoz 12, A; Abby Olvera 12, A; Nicholas Pokora 12, A; Caden Smolarsky 12, A; Chase Sullivan 12, A; Michael Bert Zachary 12, A; John Brooks 12, A/B; Grace Crowe 12, A/B; Destin Gearhart 12, A/B; Rylee Rivers 12, A/B; and Carson Talbert 12, A/B.

2018-2019 Q3 Perfect Attendance

Ariel Arbra, 6; Isabella Blanco,10; Jensen Bowers, 1; Lillyanna Cambrook, 5; Grace Crowe, 12; Brittany Damian Clemente, 8; Jesus Damian Clemente,12; Javier Figueroa Contreras, 11; Daniel Figueroa Pena, 9; Karen Gomez de Dios, 6; Getsemani Hernandez Rojas, 8; Emelina Hernandez, 1; Cassie McDowell, 3; Jesus Mendoza Tentle, 5; Rea Miller, 6; Sophia  Nguyen, 11; Brooke Partain, 10; Brooklynn Petrone, 6; Evelin Rios Gopar, 6; Reese Schmitt, 9: Gordey Shchelgachov, 4; Johnny Shields, 8; Darby Templeton, 7; Hadley Templeton, 10; Emma  Weller, 11; and Patrick Woods, 11.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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