Blue Ridge School elementary students have a blast at Field Day

Late last month, Blue Ridge School celebrated the end of the school year with their annual Field Day. The fun-filled day is a way to reward students for the hard work they put into their academic studies. Think of it as a way to relieve some of the stress during the testing phase of the quarter. Coincidentally, Blue Ridge Early College students were busy testing while the elementary students had a blast jumping on inflatable structures including a water slide with water provided by the Cashiers-Glennville Volunteer Fire Department.

Blue Ridge elementary students had a good time running the waterslide over and over again on a sunny Field Day in 2019.

Teri Walawender, Blue Ridge School’s Principal, assisted in the planning and attended the outdoor shenanigans with many of the school’s teachers, parents, support staff, and volunteers.

“Field Day has been a Blue Ridge tradition for over 15 years,” said Walawender. “Bringing the students and teachers together for a day of fun and celebration is our goal. School is not just about testing and the students really put in hard work; they should be rewarded for their efforts.”

BRS partnered with the PTO to provide inflatables for this year’s Field Day and the students felt they made wise decisions during the planning process. A dunk tank, complete with school staff on the hot seat, was another well-received activity. Toss in some games and popsivles and you have a party/

“It’s awesome and rewarding after working on regular school stuff all year,” sixth-grader Jessie Mace.

Fellow sixth-grader Cassandra Leyva, agreed with Jessie.

“After testing, this is fun.  It was super boring during testing and now we are outside throwing huge balls at the boys,” said Levya.

Isaiah Palestino, sixth grade, enjoys Field Day for the time spent with friends.

“This is a fun day. It’s good to goof around with my friends when we are supposed to be at school,” he said. “Summer is coming and I can’t wait to keep doing exactly this, except for maybe at the lake too.”

Article by Maggie Burd
Photos by Brian O’Shea
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