AHEC-funded smart boards installed in Highlands Middle School classrooms

Continuing the initiative to enhance learning resources at Highlands School, the Advance Highlands Education Committee (AHEC) is pleased to announce the funding and installation of six Promethean “ActivPanels” at the Highlands School. 

The first six installed ActivPanels are dedicated to Anne Tate, a 27-year teacher at the Highlands School, and were donated by her brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Cheryl Wilson. Tate, joined by current Highlands School Teachers Stephanie Smathers and Gina Billingsley, and Assistant Principal Sara Holbrooks, got the chance to experiment with the newly installed technology on July 8.

Promethean ActivPanels have the appearance of an 85” smart tablet affixed to the wall and are designed to promote student attentiveness and engagement, which has a positive impact on comprehension and knowledge retention.

Teachers may use the ActivPanels to conduct virtual science experiments, introduce mathematical concepts interactively, or model the writing process. When ActivPanels are paired with laptops, assignments can be instantly transmitted to students’ desktops, and then “turned in” electronically and graded, so that teachers can provide immediate feedback, supporting an efficient and paperless learning process.

“ActivPanels are a great investment because they are highly interactive, relatively low maintenance, and are environmentally friendly,” said AHEC member Leigh Hartman.

Macon County School Board Member Stephanie McCall gives credit to Superintendent Chris Baldwin, Technology Director Tim Burrell, and his staff.

“Once again, the IT department did a great job of managing the schedule and resources to deploy the ActivPanels so that they are in place before the school year starts,” said McCall. 

AHEC continues to enhance access to educational resources at Highlands School through the funding of critical technology needs, capital improvements to the media center, and the establishment of an ongoing endowment. 

The installation of the ActivPanels follows the implementation of one-to-one iPads for Highlands elementary students. In further support of their technology goal, AHEC is continuing to raise funds to ensure each of the 36 classrooms is outfitted with an ActivPanel, and each student has a tablet or laptop. If you would like to support the enhancement of our community school, please email advancehighlands@gmail.com for more information. 

This year’s Rotary Club of Highlands Twilight 5K on Saturday, August 17 will be dedicated to raising money for AHEC, and will help fund more technology for Highlands School. A 10K race is being added this year as part of the evening. The Rotary Club of Highlands extends an invitation to any of the teachers or students who would like to run, or volunteer that evening. Please get in touch with Derek Taylor at 828-200-9226; or email at hdcderek@gmail.com.  

With the addition of a 10K component to the race, they will need extra help.  In addition, anyone is invited to attend the concert after the race taking place at approximately 7:30 p.m. Attached to the email of this phone message and available in the school office is a flyer with more information and the registration form. You can also register HERE.

Pictured at the top of the article in front of an ActivPanel installed in the Highlands Middle School from left are Kedra McCall, Cheryl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Stephanie Smathers, Anne Tate, and Gina Billingsley. 

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