Boys & Girls Club of the Plateau visit Southern Highlands Reserve

Southern Highlands Reserve (SHR) welcomed members of the Boys & Girls Club of the Plateau (BGCP) Monday and Tuesday July 15 and 16.  

Two groups, one of eight to nine-year-old and one of nine to ten-year-old, BGCP members visited the Reserve in Lake Toxaway, NC recently for a seasonal outdoor educational experience. Summer is blooming on top of Toxaway Mountain, so the focus of the learning activity was pollination.

Executive Director Kelly Holdbrooks walked the children down to Vaseyi Pond and the Viewsite for a talk about how pollination works, the flower parts involved and why it is important. They also learned about the different types of pollinators as well as the flowers that attract them based on color and shape among other factors. Wildflowers in the area served as examples including echinacea, pinkish-purple and ray-shaped, as well as liatris, blueish-purple and spike-shaped.

Grace Woodard, Education Fellow at The Bascom: A Visual Art Center in Highlands, NC provided an art project for each BGCP member based on the lesson plan. Each art bag included one pollinator profile with an image and description along with materials to draw the pollinator and craft its related flower. Students completed their art projects on site and were able to take them home.

Outreach partnerships such as these bridge gaps building connections and enriching life for the greater community. Vivian Weatherby, Operations Manager of BGCP commented that she “heard so many rave reviews and [is] truly looking forward to continuing this partnership.”

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