8th Annual Dave Drake Studio Barn Sale this weekend at The Bascom

After months and months of studio members at The Bascom cranking out pieces of artwork, it’s time for the 8th Annual Dave Drake Studio Barn Sale this weekend (July 26-28) from 10 a.m.-5 p.m at The Bascom.

The Bascom’s Director of Ceramics, Frank Vickery, said visitors can expect a wide variety of pieces made by at this year’s sale as well as demonstrations in wheel throwing, sculpture, hand building, carving, and sqraffito.  

“What’s unique about a community space like this is that each person has their own style,” said Vickery. “Some of its natural, naturally inspired, such as leaf trays and vases. Then you have people who concentrate more on the functional side for food and for entertaining. So really, I think there’s a piece for everyone if you come to the show.”

A variety of pieces are available at the 8th annual Dave Drake Studio Barn Sale at The Bascom this weekend.

Vickery added the sale benefits programming at The Bascom’s and helps up and coming artists hone their skills.

“It trains artists to become more than just hobbyists,” he said. “They take something that they’re interested in, they make the product taking the classes and workshops that we provide and using the space that we have and then through that experience to create a product that they can then sell.” He also said that the money from the sale will put right back into the studio. It’ll be used for everything from kiln use to glazes.

The annual sale also helps highlight the ceramic program and the overall mission of The Bascom.

“The ceramic program, and specifically this sale really does highlight some of the best things about the Bascom,” said Vickery. “Most of the people that we teach here are true beginners and have never touched clay before. To watch them over a year to gain enough confidence to start making products that they then can sell, and then in turn, the community respond in such a positive way by buying those products and then either gifting them or using them in their homes. I t just becomes something that makes you feel good.”

Vickery said it’s a toss up between repeat buyers hiting the sale looking for specific artists to buy from again, and first-timers who end up taking home one-of-a-kind pieces.

Instructor at The Bascom, Colette, said she enjoys spreading knowledge of this artform and said about 20% of the people visit the sale sign up for pottery classes.

“I had a student come in who was a teacher, and she had some students who wanted to learn to do the human form, and she said ‘I need a lesson,’” said Clark.

Pieces for sale were made by The Bascom’s Studio members throughout the year.

Vickery said functional items tend to be best sellers like serving trays, plates, and mugs because they can be used with houseguests, and make great gifts.

All clay used is natural, mostly a powder and water mixture, with the powder coming from various mines throughout the country. The glazes are all made at The Bascom, and the pieces are fired approximately 70% in the electric kiln and 30% in the gas kiln.

The 8th Annual Dave Drake Studio Barn Sale is 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. from July 26-28 at The Bascom located at 323 Franklin Road. For more information click HERE.

Article and Photos by Gwyn Brady
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