Drew Chalker is 2019 Bel Canto Scholarship Award Winner

Drew Chalker is this year’s recipient of the Bel Canto scholarship. The annual scholarship is awarded to a Highlands School graduate who has an interest in the visual arts or music.

Chalker’s interest in music began when he was very young. His father and both grandfathers shared a love of playing the guitar and they passed this mutual love on to him. He remembers all three of them spending hours teaching him notes and chords. 

“This time together was bonding and enhanced our relationships,” said Chalker. “I hope to pass this love of playing an instrument on to my own child one day.  When I am playing the guitar, I feel I can forget the stress of the day.” 

During his senior year, he learned first-hand the many decisions facing him and relied on his love of music, finding it “a healthy coping mechanism to deal with what each day throws at me”.

Chalker plays the guitar and enjoys listening to all types of music. He and his friends play their own compositions as well as covering new and old tunes from various artists.

Highlands School Music teacher Marcia Franklin said he has a gift.

“Drew has a natural talent for music,” said Franklin. “Music has always been a part of his life and I’m certain will be a part of the lives of his future family. He was also an accomplished trumpet player and received several band awards.”

Drew attends Western North Carolina University studying Business and Sports Management/Marketing. Music will provide a gateway to his career choice due to the significant role it plays in promoting athletes and products.

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