Chamber continues conversation on lights, works with Town

Representatives from the Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Vistor Center said they are grateful they had the opportunity to present their concept of downtown tree lighting to the Town Board on July 18. And most appreciative to Mayor, Pat Taylor; Town Planner, Josh Ward and Town Engineer, Lamar Nix for a follow up meeting to discuss potential challenges and opportunities of the proposed project with Hilary Wilkes, Board Chair Highlands Chamber of Commerce; Anita Lupoli, Chamber Member and Business Owner; and Kaye McHan, Incoming Executive Director Highlands Chamber.

“The Chamber is searching for ideas to enhance our evening environment downtown when the light is low, and the beautiful plantings are not as visible or in bloom during colder months,” said Wilkes. “It is unfortunate the visuals attached to this project in the media did not accurately portray our vision, and we hope that folks will keep an open mind as our intention has always been to maintain the integrity of Highlands and our natural resources.”

During the follow up meeting between the Town and Chamber some challenges in the installation of lights in the tree canopies as presented by the Chamber were discussed. But the meeting also provided the opportunity to discuss potential avenues of partnership to provide lighting where needed for safety and downtown enhancement. 

“We are excited about having open communication channels between the Town and Chamber not only to address lighting and town enhancement but to plan, work together and share information so that we may serve our community together,” said McHan.

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