North Norton Road scheduled to reopen Friday afternoon

North Norton Road in Cashiers has been closed since Wednesday afternoon because of a deteriorated pipe underneath the street near Cascade Falls Trail.

North Carolina Department of Transportation’s County Maintenance Engineer, Travis Williamson, said the NC DoT received a call for a blocked culvert, but after inspection crews determined the entire pipe would have to be replaced.

The shoulder along N. Norton Road had begun to deteriorate due to a compromised pipe underneath the roadway. Traffic is scheduled to be reopened this afternoon.

“It blocked the outlet to the stream and shoulder material was sluffing off,” said Williamson. “Once we got in there to unplug it, we could see the entire pipe had been compromised. So, we excavated all night and removed the old pipe.”

Crews worked through Wednesday night because the project was deemed an emergency.

“Normally we give the community fair warning about a road closure with message boards, but this was an emergency and we wanted to get on it quick. We worked through the night to minimize the interruption to traffic. I know people in that community count on that road.”

Crews were laying down the pavement on Friday morning finishing up repairs and N. Norton Road is scheduled to reopen early this afternoon.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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