Highlands varsity soccer team beats Swain in shootout after double OT

Highlands and Swain varsity soccer teams were tied 1-1 when the clock ran out on Wednesday at home, two 10-minute overtimes later and it’s all down to a shootout; Highlands takes it 2-1.

Highlands Ethan Tate was stopping shots on goal throughout the night on Wednesday against Swain. Tate held Swain to one goal in a shootout after double overtime.

Fans packed the sidelines during the shootout and Highlands’ goalie Ethan Tate stopped shots being ripped at him time and again.

Lane Tingen puts one in the back of the net during a shootout against Swain.

Highlands Lane Tingen and Luiz Torres both scored goals ending a lengthy night on the field.

Highlands next plays a conference game against Murphy at 6 p.m. on Sept. 30 at home.

Highlands Luiz Torres scores during a shootout against Swain on Wednesday. Torres is also pictured at the top of the article celebrating after this shot.

From left are Highlands Dillon Schmitt and Brent Sleight forming a two-man wall during a penalty kick against Swain.

Highlands Bill Miller not liking a call on Wednesday at home against Swain.

In the middle of all the maroon is Highlands Nathan Keener driving up the field.

Highlands Bill Miller stays with the ball against Swain on Wednesday.

Highlands Nathan Keener fakes right and breaks left at home on Wednesday against Swain.

Highlands Carlos May-Gomez still giving it his all during the final minutes of the second overtime.

Highlands JJ Postell crosses the ball in front of the goal against Swain.

Swain’s goalie held Highlands to one goal during regulation and shut down 3 out of 5 p-kicks in a shootout. Editor’s Note: To all the players who didn’t score during the shootout, shake it off, both goalies were beasts.

Highlands Connor Briggs drills the ball up the sideline at home against Swain.

Highlands Gig Chalker gets control of the ball before moving up field.

Highlands Brent Sleight shoots the ball inches over the bar on Wednesday at home.

Highlands Patrick Wood takes the ball straight to the chest to stop a line-drive shot on goal against Swain.

Highlands Pablo Jiminez under pressure against Swain at home.

Highlands Conor Thorske on a fast break up the field during overtime against Swain.

Highlands Ethan Tate slaps the ball just outside the bar in overtime against Swain.

Highlands Nathan Keener is determined to make it up the field against Swain.

Highlands Jeffery Olvera attacks the ball at home.

Coin toss to determine which side shoots first for the shootout after double overtime. Editor’s Note: I didn’t edit the coin, it just caught the light when I pulled the trigger.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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