2020 grant requests to the Laurel Garden Club due January

The deadline for grant applications to the Laurel Garden Club is January 31, 2020.   Please note this is the only deadline for considering grant requests to the Laurel Garden Club.

The Laurel Garden Club is dedicated to community beautification, protection, and conservation of the natural heritage and scenic mountain landscapes.

The club’s purpose is charitable and educational. Proceeds from fundraising efforts will benefit projects that comply with the club’s stated purpose.

Organizations wishing to receive a grant from the Laurel Garden Club must have reached agreement as to the specific project for which the grant would be given.

Once the purpose of the grant is determined within the applicant organization, plans for the project must be made with sufficient specificity to obtain bids or quotes from providers, including but not limited to landscape architects, plant nurseries, etc. Please provide a plant list and advise of any changes to original plant list. Changes need to be approved prior to planting. Grants are not intended to cover operation expenses or staff salaries.

The applicant organization must complete a grant application, which is available online at http://www.laurelgardenclubhighlands.com and submit with supporting plans and bids or quotes to President Brenda Manning of the Laurel Garden Club at bmanning16@frontier.com who will present all such proposals to the Grants Committee for its consideration.

The Grants Committee will then make recommendations to the full membership for its approval. All grant requests will be evaluated and be presented to the membership.

The Laurel Garden Club reserves the right to exercise its own discretion as to whether to award any grant, as well as the amount of any funds granted. The Club encourages the use of native plants and plants with a proven record of successful growth in the Highlands area.

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