Cashiers FD places weather vane on new Commons building at The Village Green

It wasn’t exactly saving a cat out of a tree, but it was close. The Village Green had the weather vane installed on top of the new Commons building on Wednesday, but even with the help of a Cashiers/Glenville Volunteer Fire Department ladder truck, there was a little trouble reaching the top to place it.

From left are CGFD Firefighters Bentley Fowler and Ernie Ashe carrying the weather vane to the top of the new Commons building at The Village Green.

Despite not quite going the distance with the ladder, CGFD Firefighters Ernie Ashe and Bentley Fowler sprang into action to get the job done. Fowler manned the ladder controls while Ashe shimmied up the fully-extended ladder and guided Fowler just-close enough where they could slide the weather vane into place.

Bentley Fowler carries the top half of the weather vane for the Commons building.

The weather vane is approx. 5-feet tall and made of copper with The Village Green logo infused in the center with lead. It was gifted by Architects Jim Chapman and Chip Knuth, Architect and Associate Architect respectively on the Commons building project.

Ernie Ashe assembles both pieces of the weather vane before stretching out the final several feet needed to reach the installation point. Editor’s Note: Keep in mind they are at the top of the Commons building, it’s windy and cold, and the ladder doesn’t quit reach where they need to be. Well done gentleman.

Chapman said the Commons presented several architectural challenges; including working with existing structures surrounding the Commons building, designing a structure meant for indoor and outdoor use, and the water conditions surrounding the construction site.

“There are so many programs that this building is designed for indoors, but yet when it comes to the surrounding structures, everything else is designed for outdoor use,” said Chapman. “So, it’s seasonal, but it’s an all-year-round facility. That was a challenge”

The Village Green logo infused with lead on the weather vane at the top of the Commons building.

He added that he has known The Village Green Executive Director Ann Self for a number of years and gifted the weather vane as a gesture of kindness, and in support of The Village Green’s mission. Self said it was an incredibly considerate gift.

“This weather vane is symbolic of where we live,” said Self. “We all know the weather can change moment to moment, but what remains constant is our mission to always serve every demographic in this community.”

Ann Self is ready to see the weather vane at the top of new Commons building on Nov. 13.

Self added that the final touches are being completed in the new Commons and hopes to have it finished by early December. One of those touches being the installation of the weather vane, which would not have happened without CGFD’s assistance.

“We are so grateful to the Cashiers/Glenville Fire Department, it’s just another example of this community coming together.”

Bentley Fowler positions the ladder and gets ready to check out his handiwork.

Success! The weather vane placed on top of the Commons Building at The Village Green.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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