Blue Ridge Middle School boys basketball team wins on the road against Highlands

Blue Ridge Middle School boys basketball team traveled to Highlands on Monday and earned the win with a final of 26-20.

Blue Ridge Coach Eli Reece said the Bobcats are working on their shooting the defense stepped up.

“Once again we were very happy with our defense,” said Reece. “That’s what won us the game. Super proud of my guys!”

From left are Highlands Harrison Gates, Blue Ridge Owen Madden, Highlands JD Head and Landon Green.

Blue Ridge Ethan Henson said they played well, especially having to get past the big men under the hoop, Highlands Harrison Gates and Sam Stiwinter.

“Their defense was hard to get passed,” said Henson. “They were playing it really well and those guys in the paint were really challenging to get over. And we really got to work on our turnovers.”

Highlands Sam Stiwinter under pressure in the paint against Blue Ridge.

Blue Ridge Levi Walters said the game went well, but there’s work to be done.

“We could have done better on shots and rebounds,” said Walters. “Underneath the hoop wasn’t too fun, lots of elbows flying around.”

Highlands Landon Green said they just didn’t come out and play their game.

“We weren’t taking good shots or passes,” said Green. “We basically didn’t play good basketball. We were lazy.”

Highlands Sam Stiwinter said Blue Ridge was tough and Highlands just didn’t get it done.

“It was hard to shoot, we needed to take more shots and make better passes,” said Stiwinter. “We had good communication though.”

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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