Gobble On the Green draws over 700 runners on Thanksgiving

Editor’s Note: The picture above has nothing to do with the hundreds of racers who showed up for Gobble on the Green this Thanksgiving. It has nothing to do with any racing category, course route, or final time. The father and son pictured above have been planning on racing at The Village Green’s second annual 5K fun run for weeks. For some reason or another, they couldn’t make it in time. The young boy hadn’t quite put together that the race was finished, but I saw his face and he was slowly catching on.

In steps The Village Green Executive Director Ann Self. She sets up an entire new race with starting buzzers, megaphones, cheering, timers, the works. Visitors strolling through the Green who were passing by got caught up in the excitement and started cheering as well. The boy’s father lead him on a route where I last saw them round the corner towards the playground, but the kid came back a sweaty mess so it looks like his father made him earn it. Afterwards, Ann awarded the young racer a medal and the kid couldn’t have looked happier. Ann stepping up to go the extra mile (pun intended) is exactly what you’d expect from her if you’ve ever met her. I’m lucky I even got to see an awesome act of kindness like that on the holiday. Nicely done Ann. I never caught the family’s name, but welcome to the Plateau, this is how we roll.

Runners at the start of Gobble On the Green on Thanksgiving at The Village Green. Photo courtesy of The Village Green.

Runners from all over the country gathered at The Village Green on Thanksgiving for the Gobble on the Green 5K race. This is the second year the Green has hosted this event and had 724 participants, approx. 100 more runners than last year.

“This has quickly become another beloved tradition for Cashiers,” said The Village Green Executive Director Ann Self. “The route highlights the natural beauty of our area and the event embodies the small-town spirit of our community.”

Winners of this year’s costume contest, The Wine Deer. Photo courtesy of The Village Green.

She added that once again the race has drawn runners of all skill levels.

“Fantastic participation,” said Self. “Large families. Walkers, trotters, and runners. All ages and awesome volunteers. Their support made a big contribution to the race success.”

The weather was brisk, but the wind is what played a role in the race.

“The race was good, except going by the lake,” said racer Nicole Taylor, who competed in the female under 18 category. “I thought I was going to get blown into the water. It was scary because the lake is right below your feet.”

Runners of all skill levels and ages descended upon The Village Green on Thanksgiving.

Self said the wind was a challenge on many levels.

“It slowed the runners for sure,” said Self. “We also had a hard time with equipment and supplies were hard to keep secure.”

Racer Canty Worley is no stranger to 5Ks in and around the area and said The Village Green put on another great event on Thanksgiving.

“The great part is that we get to support a local nonprofit project like the Village Commons,” said Worley. “Also, it’s great to feel the energy of 500-plus runners who are all off of work for the day and coming out to do something fun.”

The Commons is the new events building at The Village Green, to read more about that click HERE.

See full race results HERE.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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