Mike & Dooley write children’s book for local charities

The Adventures of Mike & Dooley is a recently released faith-based children’s book where a portion of profits go towards supporting local charities.

Authors and stars of Here We Go with Mike & Dooley, Mike Carrier and Jeremy Dooley, thought it would be a fun way to raise money for local groups in the area.

“We were joking about writing a book and then it was like, well why not,” said Dooley. “Let’s try it. Our biggest thing is always to have fun and be positive and writing a book sounded like fun and a way to spread our message.”

Chapters of the book are based off 2-minute episodes of Here We Go with Mike and Dooley. The Adventures of Mike & Dooley is available online and in stores throughout Highlands; including Creative Concepts, Blue Bike Cafe, Highland Hiker, Highlands Pharmacy, 4th Street Market, and Dutchman’s.

A portion of the proceeds from The Adventures of Mike & Dooley goes towards local charities.

“We’re also giving the businesses that are selling the book the opportunity to let us know if there are specific charities that they would like to support,” said Carrier. “For example, the Blue Bike is selling our book for $10, we get $5 back to cover our costs, and the other $5 is being donated to Macon County to help provide meals to children at Highlands School.”

Dooley was in Texas throughout the writing process, and after plenty of phone calls they put the book together in about a month. Both said they couldn’t have done so without the help of Dooley’s wife Jaime, and Carrier’s wife, Eileen.

“The challenge, I’m not a writer,” said Jeremy. “We like talking to each other on the phone so the distance wasn’t really an issue. I was worried it would be bad, so I had my wife, she teaches elementary school, read every chapter. When she signed off, I sent it in.”

Carrier emphasized this was not a two-man operation.

“We’re not writers and just like our show, and the way we are in general, what comes to our brains normally comes out of our mouths,” he said. “Luckily, we had Jaime helping us with the layout and Eileen editing it 100 times so we think that it came out pretty good.”

Mike & Dooley filming a show at the Blue Bike Cafe in Highlands.

Here We Go with Mike & Dooley was picked up by Faith Unveiled Network based in California a few months ago and now is broadcast in over 120 countries, on Amazon and Roku, and on their mobile app. Mike & Dooley’s podcasts are also available on their app and available in the United States and Europe on various podcast platforms.

“Just want to thank everybody for their support,” said Carrier. “We never thought that when we started the show in Dooley’s office on his iPad that we’d have the top-rated show on Faith Unveiled Network and a best-selling book on Lulu in both the Children’s category and the Teen’s category. 

Carrier added that he’d like to thank Backlot Cinema in Franklin for all their help and WATC-TV 57 in Atlanta for being the first network to put the duo on TV.

The Adventures of Mike and Dooley is available locally or via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu, or you can click HERE to purchase a book. To learn more about their show Here We Go with Mike & Dooley click HERE.

To purchase The Adventures of Mike & Dooley from Amazon click HERE.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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