Get into the flow at Silver Run Falls

Just off Highway 107 lies an epic oasis with an incredible waterfall and swimming hole approx. 4 miles south of Cashiers. The quarter-mile hike to Silver Run Falls is level, easy-breazy, and is all-age friendly.

Pictured at the top of the article is Silver Run Falls at sunrise on Feb. 9 the morning after a heavy snowfall, also the morning of the official Snow Moon.

Visitors can spend their day at the Falls any number of ways; take your lunch break on the beach or plop a chair in the water and relax for the day. The approx. 25-foot falls pours into an expansive swimming hole. While surrounded by trees, the area gets great sunlight from mid-morning to late afternoon for those willing to brave the waters.

Visitors can climb to the top of the falls or relax in the swimming hole at the bottom.

Why brave the waters? It’s cold, think mountain streams cold, because that’s exactly what’s happening. That being said, if you can handle it the brisk-water temps, the pool is an excellent spot to play in the falls. Or stay dry and just kick it on one of the several small beach areas surrounding the pool with some pretty sweet hammock set-up possibilities.

Rachel Slade was visiting family in the area and heard Silver Run Falls was a good day trip for the family.

“We really enjoyed Silver Run Falls, it was super fun for Ava [daughter] especially,” said Slade. “The walk to the falls was short, which would have made it easy to take a cooler and snacks to hang out for a while.”

Christmas Eve 2019 at Silver Run Falls.

While Slade and husband Geoff relaxed on the beach, Ava spent her time searching for wildlife.

“Ava really enjoyed stomping around in the shallows and in the creek looking for critters,” said Rachel. “The water was a little too chilly for my liking, but I would certainly like to return when the weather is a little warmer.”

There are plenty of critters at Silver Run Falls trying to stay cool in the water during the summer months .

For those looking to climb to the top of the falls, there is a side trail on your left just before the pool with a short scramble to the top. There are no railings, signs, or fences; exercise common sense.

Silver Run Falls is a popular hangout during the season and can get crowded, but that tends to be over the weekends during the summer.

The trailhead is approx. 4 miles south of Cashiers off Highway 107 S. There are parking areas on both sides of the road, but space is limited, be cautious parking on the curve of the road.

Silver Run Falls is just a trickle at times.

After heavy rainfall it can get flowing pretty good.

Silver Run Falls is gorgeous during the winter and is an easy hike about quarter mile long.

Late afternoon at Silver Run Falls in Cashiers.

The swimming hole isn’t so popular during winter, but it looks awesome.

Hikers can climb to the top of Silver Run Falls or hang out in the water at the bottom.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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