COVID-19 Call Center opens in Macon County

In response to the growing concern of COVID-19, Macon County Health Department has opened up a call center to field calls from individuals who may questions about the virus.

Symptoms for COVID-19 are fever, cough, and other lower respiratory illness (shortness of breath).

If you have questions or believe that you may have or been exposed to COVID-19, please call Macon County CCC at 828-349-2517.

The COVID-19 Call Center (CCC) will be staffed Monday through Friday from 8am until 5 pm, until further notice.
Macon County Public Health regularly updates our Facebook page with accurate and current information regarding COVID-19, we encourage the public to check our Facebook page for up-to-date information.
For general questions about COVID-19, it is encouraged to reach out to the State Poison Control at 866-462-3821.

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