Highlands MS girls soccer team defends home turf against Summit

Highlands Middle School girls soccer team hosted Summit on Wednesday and won 7-1.

Highlands Coach Caleb Brown said the girls did a great job on the field.

“The girls played wonderful, they all clearly knew their positions and were adamant about getting to and winning the ball,” said Brown. “Highlands moved around the field and passed the ball effectively. They took good shots on goal and followed up their shots so that they scored more goals.”

Highlands Cayden Pierson gets ready to send the ball against Summit in Highlands on Wednesday.

Summit Coach Scott Whitman said this is a learning process, but he sees good things on the horizon.

“I believe the girls played well,” said Whitman. “They fought hard though the entire game. We have a rather inexperienced team with great potential. That was our first game of the season and many of our girls first soccer game.”

Summit Sydney Sinclair passes under pressure by Highlands Courtney Logan.

Whitman added that he’s excited to see the Lady Bears grow and improve throughout the season.

Brown said he’s looking forward to seeing some good things from the Lady Highlanders.

“Moving forward in the season, I think these girls will develop as strong players and continue to grow their passion for the sport,” he said. “The girls always want to be competitive in games, but what is most important to them is giving their all on the field.”

Highlands Caitlin Tingen and Summit Ansley Hughes race for the ball on Wednesday in Highlands.

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Highlands Keeper Olivia Cole makes a save with a little added protection from Riley Logan.

Summit Jazmin Barranco zigs and zags her way down field against Highlands.

Highlands Kenzie Woods and Summit Chloe Crawford running down the ball on Wednesday.

Summit Caitlynn Couch gets set to center the ball against Highlands.

Highlands Abbie Doerter inbounds the ball against Summit.

Summit Erin Turner making her way to put a shot on Highlands’ goal.

Highlands Layla Babac sends the ball up field against Summit.

Highlands Hendy Rias close on the heels of Summit Taylor Robinson.

Highlands Olivia Cole seconds before Summit takes a penalty kick from inside the box.

Summit Anna Johnson waits for the referee’s go ahead to take the corner kick.

Highlands Riley Logan stops a line-drive pass and heads up field.

Summit Sarah Betty sends the ball to midfield with a goal kick.

Highlands Gabby Diaz puts the ball in the back of the net against Summit.

Highlands Caitlin Tingen dribbling the ball down field against Summit.

Summit Monica Tretiakov sends the ball coast to coast.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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