Mission Health to remove triage tents at local hospitals

Mission Health announced the organization would be removing the emergency triage tents it placed at its hospitals last month. The tents, which were installed as part of standard emergency planning protocols and for training exercises, were to create additional capacity as the COVID 19 pandemic evolved.

“Fortunately, we have not yet seen widespread transmission of COVID-19 at this point in our community or a surge in our hospitals,” said Kathy Guyette, Division Chief Nursing Executive of the North Carolina Division of HCA Healthcare. “As a result, over the next few weeks we will begin removing the tents from their current locations.”

Should the need arise in the future for the additional space provided by the tents, they can be reassembled in a matter of hours to meet demand.

“Having the tents up and available has added greatly to our preparedness efforts, and these have been a source of security for our staff and the community,” Guyette said.

William Hathaway MD, Chief Medical Officer at Mission Health said this is not a way to ease up precautionary measures.

“While we have not needed the tents to date, this in no way should be interpreted as an endorsement of relaxing our social distancing measures,” said Hathaway. “The Stay Home, Stay Safe guidance, and the community’s sacrifices related to it, have been hugely beneficial for our community and have meaningfully flattened the curve and quite honestly have saved lives. While we look forward to a more normal future, now is not the time to change our behaviors.”

Mission continues to monitor the situation and work closely in partnership with local and state health departments, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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