Daily Mouse Musings!

According to an anonymous tip, the mice that mysteriously appeared in Highlands recently are the brainchild of New Yorker Rae Stang.

“All my life I’ve liked making things,” said Stang. “If a life is like a tapestry, then most lives have at least one strong central thread that creates the pattern. In my tapestry – it’s creativity. My brain gets an idea, and then it’s actually hard put to stop it from becoming reality… it’s a mixed blessing.”

The retired Chocolatier (founder, Lucky Chocolates, Saugerties, New York) started painting her “Daily Mouse” series in late March. Her sheltering in place musings scampered across the Facebook and Instagram landscape at a fast pace. 

Rae Stang’s artwork has spread quickly throughout social media and has been making appearances around Highlands.

When others posted gorgeous pictures of gourmet meals, Daily Mouse peered out of an apple. That day Stang observed “Staying home and cooking seems to be the general state of affairs right now. The Mouse enjoys eating his way through an apple and then taking a nap in his deliciously scented bed. Comfort food indeed! Hope everyone is staying safe and feeling well!”

Compassionate and empathetic, Daily Mouse has identified with the lonely, the volunteers-at-home, children and even parents. 

“Homeschooling isn’t easy,” said Stang. “This mamma mouse has all she can do to homeschool her brood! It’s completely understandable to have ‘Covid Fatigue’ at times! Hang in and stay safe.”

Home Schooling isn’t Easy artwork by Rae Stang.

This week 30 different Daily Mouse messages appeared in Highlands. Why Highlands?

“I was touched by Leela Chrestman’s April 30 Letter to the Editor,” Stang’s friend said.  “Leela took the time to identify with the stress everyone is feeling and expressed her desire to spread joy and make our community stronger. Bringing Daily Mouse to Highlands seemed like a joyful way to help spread Leela’s message.”

While cautiously moving about town, see if you can find some of Stang’s Daily Mouse musings.

By Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper

More mouse artwork by Rae Stang

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