Spotlight on Blue Ridge Early College Seniors

Editor’s Note: Over the next week or so, Plateau Daily News will highlight seniors to recognize their time at Blue Ridge Early College. Today’s seniors include Colton Taylor, Angelica Ambrocia-Garcia, Bransen Carlisle, Jonathan Jennings, Ashley Alvarez, Abigahil Palestino, Kaitlyn Stewart, Carter Watson, and Savannah Cohea.

Congratulations to Colton Taylor

Colton Taylor

Parents: Scott & Heidi Taylor

Future Plans: Colton plans to complete Year 13 at BREC/SCC prior to pursuing his other educational plans.

Athletic Career:

4 year varsity starter in soccer with two conference championship in 2016 and 2018

3x all conference selection in soccer

4 year varsity player in basketball

3 year varsity player in baseball

Colton Taylor

Best Accomplishment: Learning to find myself and the joy I brought to people around me. ~Colton Taylor

Congratulations to Angelica Ambrocia-Garcia

Angelica Ambrocia-Garcia

Parents: Florina Garcia Ramires & Juarez Bulmaro

Future Plans: Angelica plans to go to nursing school and become an interpreter for those who need help.

Angelica Ambrocia-Garcia

Athletics: Angelica played for our Girls Varsity Soccer Team

Best Accomplishment: I am the first in my family to graduate from high school. ~Angelica Ambrocia-Garcia

Congratulations to Bransen Carlisle

Bransen Carlisle

Parents: Mrs. Laney & Mr. Carlisle

Future Plans: Bransen plans for full time employment which will help him to start living his best life.

Bransen Carlisle

Athletic Career: Bransen played basketball and baseball.

Best Accomplishment: I am proud that I made it this far. ~ Bransen Carlisle

Congratulations to Cesar Colex-Longinos

Cesar Colex-Longinos

Parents: Cesar & Lizeth Longinos

Future Plans: Cesar plans to become a successful interior designer.

Cesar Colex-Longinos

Academic and Athletic Career: He is an active member of the Student Government Association and other school-based clubs. Cesar is a member of our cross-country athletic team.

Best Accomplishment: I am proud that I was able to take high school classes and college classes simultaneously. ~ Cesar Colex-Longinos

Congratulations to Jonathan Jennings

Jonathan Jennings

Parents: Sam and Sandy Jennings

Future Plans: Johnny plans to start his own landscaping company.

Jonathan Jennings

Athletic Career:  Johnny played 4 years in varsity soccer with two conference championship in 2016 and 2018; he played basketball and Varsity baseball.

Best Accomplishment: I am proud that I proved doctors wrong by participating, starting, and excelling in Varsity sports. ~ Johnny Jennings

Congratulations to Ashley Alvarez

Ashley Alvarez

Parents: Rodrigo Alvarez & Sara Solis

Future Plans: Ashley plans to graduate from NC State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

Ashley Alvarez

Academic and Athletic Career:  Ashley will graduate with her Associates of Arts Degree from SCC; she is an active member of student clubs and organizations. She has been a student athlete for cross country, volleyball, and Varsity Girl’s Soccer.

Best Accomplishment: I am proud that I was able to be in the top 5% of my class throughout my High school career. ~ Ashley Alvarez

Congratulations to Abigahil Palestino

Abigahil Palestino

Parents: Suriel Palestino & Victoria Ledford

Future Plans: Abigahil plans to go through the SCC’s criminal justice program and then enter a career in law enforcement.

Abigahil Palestino

Academic and Athletic Career:  Abigahil has been a leading vocalist and musician in our music program. She has been involved in student groups and clubs. She has been an athlete for

volleyball, basketball, softball and Varsity Girl’s Soccer.

Best Accomplishment: I was proud to be on the first girl’s soccer team at BREC. ~ Abigahil Palestino

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Stewart

Kaitlyn Stewart

Parents: Jeremy and Cassie Stewart

Future Plans: Kaitlyn plans to continue her athletic career and education at Southern Wesleyan University. She will pursue a major in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

Kaitlyn Stewart

Academic and Athletic Career:  Kaitlyn has been an active member in our Student Government Association, as well as, other student clubs and community partnerships.  She has been a 4 year varsity starter in basketball, a 4x Bobcat Award winner in basketball; a 4 year varsity volleyball player with conference championships in 2016 and 2019; she has also played varsity softball and varsity soccer.

Best Accomplishment: I was proud to recognized as the 2019 Steve Jones Service Award winner. ~ Kaitlyn Stewart

Congratulations to Carter Watson

Carter Watson

Parents: Jason and Ryan Watson

Future Plans: Carter plans to attend college and major in computer coding.

Carter Watson

Athletic Career: Carter played Varsity Baseball.

Best Accomplishments: Playing baseball for three years and being on the Senior homecoming court ~ Carter Watson

Congratulations to Savannah Cohea

Savannah Cohea

Parents: Mark and Nicole Cohea

Future Plans: Savannah plans to complete her courses through SCC and then transfer to WCU to study sports medicine.

Academic and Athletic Career: Savannah participated in many student groups and clubs; she also played Varsity Soccer.

Best Accomplishment: Starting college courses while still in high school~ Savannah Cohea

Photos courtesy of Blue Ridge Early College

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