Grant from Mountain Findings helps revitalize Hudson Library gardens

The Board Presidents of the Hudson Library of Highlands and Mountain Findings, Andy Chmar and Tom Hill respectively, recently met in the gardens of the Hudson Library to recognize a generous grant from Mountain Findings used to revitalize the gardens between the Library and Main Street, originally installed a decade ago. 

The landscape work, undertaken over the past 6 months, was expertly designed and executed by the superb team of Canty Worley and Company, led by the firm’s partners Canty Worley and Sonya Carpenter. 

Besides extensive replacement of non-native and invasive plants with native species, the filling in of empty beds at the libraries entrance and elsewhere to replace pine straw ground cover, and the resetting of bricks along the central path, the Mountain Findings grant also allowed for the purchase of additional seating and construction of a small gazebo near the popular front of the garden close to Main Street. 

As a result of Mountain Findings’ generous support and Canty Worley and Company’s talent and energy, the gardens will continue to be an enhancement for Hudson Library visitors to enjoy long into the future.

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