Drive-in entertainment a maybe at PAC

Humankind is living in a new world, the world of Covid-19 Chaos, the 2020 version of the Twilight Zone. Everyone misses gathering together to enjoy a meal, a church service, a concert or a play.

Now, the Highlands Performing Arts Center has an idea to fix all that … a drive-in theater.

Should the Performing Arts Center install a drive-in theater?


“This would enable us to show the National Theatre of London encore productions, Great Art on Screen documentaries, movies from the Playhouse, special pre-recorded live pop concerts (that aren’t available on the internet), church services, open mic night, children’s storytelling events, lectures and so much more, all viewed safely from your car,” said PAC executive director Mary Adair Trumbly. “We may also partner with our fabulous restaurants to offer ‘Dinner and a Movie.’”

The concept involves a portable and inflatable screen that just takes a short time to set up and take down, which means it’s also ideal for transporting to other locations, said Trumbly.  The sound system works through the car radio or a cell phone.

The newly renovated PAC parking lot makes a drive-in theater venue possible.

“Our research has shown, we could start at dusk, with viewing getting better as the sun goes down. For better viewing, the screen would be elevated on a stage of sorts which could become a place for outdoor lectures, church services, storytelling and open mic nights,” she said.

All PAC needs is the equipment – the screen, projection equipment, and the sound system.

PAC stands to lose $92,000 this year due to COVID-19 restrictions so it is looking for $25,000 in donations to make “Parking at the PAC” a reality.

“This will be something that can be used now and far into the future,” said Trumbly.

Email to let them know  if you like the idea … or if you want to make a donation!

Article by Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper
Photos by Brian O’Shea

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