Farm-foraged Italian dinner at The Mountain

Enjoy an Italian dining experience hosted by Chef Sandra Stefani

Join The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center for a hands-on approach to al fresco Italian dining on Sept. 12! If your favorite food and wine event was cancelled this year, The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center can fill that gap with a COVID-friendly, farm-foraged Italian dinner that will feed your culinary heart!

One of the many farm-foraged meals at The Mountain.

Hosted by Chef Sandra Stefani, originally from Pisa, Italy. Stefani arrived in Washington DC in 1979 and started her career at the famous Italian Restaurant Cantina d’Italia, learning to cook “hands on” from the late great Chef Joseph Muran de Assereto.

Together tour and learn more about the mission of The Mountain, bringing community closer to their food, by picking fresh ingredients from The Many Hands Peace Farm on site.

A yoga and forage session at The Mountain.

Chef Stefani will then teach you how to prepare a four-course dinner, which you’ll then enjoy with wine and good company “Al Fresco”, with spectacular Mountain views.

Accommodations available for a night in the lodge after dinner.

Cooking workshop schedule:

3-4 p.m. – Time on the farm – gathering ingredients

4-6 p.m. – Class Time

6 pm – Meal Time

Tickets are $150 per person for dinner, and $200 for dinner with accommodations.

Reserve your place, limited availability. Click HERE for registration and more info. The Mountain is located at 3872 Dillard Road, Highlands.

About The Mountain’s Mission:

The Mountain enriches lives, fosters an appreciation of the natural world, honors the interconnectedness of all things, and inspires people to build inclusive, meaningful, sustainable communities throughout their lives.

Photos submitted by The Mountain

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