Jackson County Sheriff’s Office makes arrest in fatal assault case

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested Billy Hicks in the Qualla Boundary on Oct. 7 in connection with an assault case where Billy’s wife, Danielle suffered a gunshot wound and later died of her injuries.

Prior to Danielle’s death, charges were filed and a warrant for arrest was issued against Billy for Assault with Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury. 

The investigation is active and ongoing and future charges are likely.

On Oct. 5, JCSO began investigation into an assault after deputies were dispatched to a scene on Union Hill Road where a female was laying unresponsive on the shoulder of the road and a male was trying to load the female into the vehicle. 

Prior to deputies arriving on scene, the 911 center indicated the female had been loaded into a white pickup truck with the assistance of a passerby. 

Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle as it left the community of Union Hill Road and continued onto U.S. 19/74 heading east. 

The vehicle did not stop but continued to Harris Regional Hospital before stopping near the emergency room entrance. 

Driving the truck was Billy, also known as Billy Jack Hicks Sr., as well as Billy’s wife, Danielle.

Danielle was taken into Harris Regional Hospital by staff and Billy was interviewed. 

Danielle was later transported to Mission Hospital in Asheville, where she died on Oct. 6 as a result of her injuries. 

Billy is currently being held in the Jackson County Detention Center with no bond.

Billy Jack Hicks Sr., 5/10/1972
Danielle Brady Hicks, 01/21/1986
Both from the Union Hill Community in Whittier

  • Article courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

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