HCLT releases new Brushy Face Preserve trail map

Many find comfort these days by spending more time enjoying the outdoors. Those who live on the Plateau are lucky to live with so many natural amenities right in their backyard.

The new trail map of Brushy Face Preserve recently released by the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust.

Now one of lesser known treasures conserved by the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust, Brushy Face Preserve, can be explored using HCLT’s new trail guide and map. Download the new map HERE.

Nestled amongst some of the world’s oldest mountains, located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the eastern continental divide, Brushy Face Preserve is home to diverse flora and fauna including old growth forest, which contain some trees estimated to be over 200 years old.

Hikers can enjoy this moderate trail that offers a gentle grade, two creek crossings via a rock hop, a lush fern glade, and forest understory largely populated with flame azaleas.

The preserve is only about a 10 minute drive from Highlands, but feels like a secluded private forest oasis with plenty of parking.

Brushy Face Preserve will be conserved forever thanks to a collection of families who chose to protect it.

In 2001, the Brushy Face Mountain Consortium was formed and 75 acres were given to Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust in 2015 to be conserved in perpetuity.

Since taking ownership, HCLT’s AmeriCorps-led volunteers have built the entire trail by hand. There has never been a better time or place to socially distance while connecting with your loved ones and with nature.

Read more details about Brushy Face Preserve from Plateau Daily News HERE.

During a time when self-care is so important, HCLT hopes you will help maximize the areas natural treasures for the benefit of all. To learn how you can contribute, contact julie.hitrust@earthlink.net.

To learn more about HCLT’s mission to conserve valuable natural resources for all generations, click HERE.

Pictured at the top of the article is a Dark Eyed Junco spotted at Brushy Face Preserve.

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